OFFICE EVOLUTION is your partner in Business Process Improvement and process standardization. Based in the Greater Toronto Area, we work with small and medium size companies to improve their efficiencies and increase their staff productivity.

As your business changes, it makes sense that your processes, policies, procedures, and work instructions follow the suite. We understand that sometimes when you are too close to the situation, or when you are busy with other important aspects of your business, it is difficult to see the inefficiencies with a clear perspective.

An efficiently run business means you can bring your products and services to the market faster. You have better control over your response to market demands and you are in a proactive state instead of reactive one.

By creating, implementing, standardizing, and continuously reviewing your best practices, your business can become more profitable while removing the frustrations, costs, and overhead that come with an inefficient system.

Meet the Founder

Blanka Smetana - Business Process Management Specialist

Meet BLANKA SMETANA, a Business Process Improvement Specialist and founder of Office Evolution.

Blanka is a chronic process "improver", always on a lookout for inefficiencies, and searching for ways to better them. Office organization and personal productivity were Office Evolution's main focus since its inception in 2010, but Blanka understood that well-organized workplace was not enough for a business to become healthy and prosperous.

More about Blanka

  • Certificate in Business Process Management
  • Master’s in Systems Engineering
  • 8-6-3-3 Kolbe A™ Index
  • INFJ personality type
  • TED Talks addict
  • Avid GTD'er