Why and How to Write Operating Procedures

Why and How to Write Operating Procedures | by Office EvolutionIs your business growing? Are you getting busy and feeling that many of the mundane business tasks are not getting done? Then it's time look at your business processes, standardize them, and delegate them to someone else. Let's look at other reasons why to have your processes documented and how to do it. [...]

Keep Your Filing System Strong and Flexible

Human SpineFiling system, be it physical or digital, is a backbone of your business and you need to keep it strong and flexible. I realize that for most people filing is not fun at all, but it doesn't have to be painful. There is a few things to remember when setting up a filing system. [...]

Guess What I Did on the New Year's Eve

Door Calendar | by Office EvolutionWe've been slowly renovating our house over the past couple of years. We do it ourselves; so things need to happen in stages and we often have temporary solutions in place. I love them though, because they help us figure out if the solutions will work permanently or not, and what we can do differently if they don't. [...]

Receipt Organizing in Pictures

Receipt Organizing Tutorial | Office EvolutionA while ago, I was asked a question via Facebook - "How do you organize your receipts?". Since I prefer pictures over words I dedided to do a "photo shoot" of my Receipt Organizing System, with a little bit of description. I hope you will find it helpful as the tax season is quickly approaching. [...]