5 Simple Steps to Increase Your Productivity

5 Simple Steps to Increase Your Productivity | by Office EvolutionWhat do you see when you look at your desk at work or your home office? Mountains of paper? Work unrelated stuff? Old magazines?

How do you feel about it? Are you looking forward to coming to your office? Do you get your work done? Probably not, and it’s not surprising. Don’t let the stuff affect your productivity and mental state. Enough is enough; it’s time to do something about it.


  1. Throw out anything that is obvious garbage. Recycle what can be recycled.
  2. Decide which books and magazines you want to keep and store them in a magazine holder, or stack them up on a shelf. Recycle the rest.
  3. File your receipts or at least place all of them in a lidded container to process them later.
  4. Organize your stationery. Keep like with like, donate what you are in excess of, and make a list of what you need to stock up with.
  5. Organize all your documents, one pile a day. Categorize the paperwork into following: Archive, Act, Read and Recycle/Shred, and deal with it accordingly.

Don't expect to get organized in one day. It takes time, but you will get there if you commit to it. You will see your productivity increase with less stuff surrounding you.

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