Resources for Professional Organizers: Organizing Toolbag

Resources for Professional Organizers: Organizing Toolbag | by Office EvolutionI am a member of various groups of Professional Organizers and often hear following question: "What do you keep in the bag that you take to the client for an organizing job?" I asked the very same question when I was starting my organizing business and over the years I compiled a list of the things others said they always bring with them.

The list is extensive and I don't carry everything in my bag. What you decide to bring depends on the job (for example garage organizing versus office organizing). You will have your favourite things that stay in your bag at all times and then you will add some more based on the particular need.

The things in bold are those which I carry in my bag all the time and I never forget to bring my cell phone and a water bottle.

In Your Organizing Bag  
Sharpie markers Thumb tacks
Note pad Three basic screwdrivers
Post-it notes Small hammer
Clipboard Small level
Manila folders Furniture moving sliders
Hanging folders Flash light
File boxes with rails Goo Gone to clean up sticky residue left from stickers
Labels for files Work gloves
Zip-lock bags Disposable gloves
Measuring tape Bottle of cleaner
Label maker Cleaning cloth
Label tape Paper towel
Extra batteries for label maker Three pop-up round containers to put the trash bags in
Velcro one strip rolls for wrapping cords Trash bags (clear-donation, blue-recycle, black-garbage)
Scissors Boxes
Box cutter Clear tubs
Stapler Hand sanitizer
Packing tape Hair band
Paper clips Business cards
Binder clips Masking tape
Glue stick Scotch tape

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