Pinterest for Business: Do You Have a "Pinteresting" Website?

PE Pinterest Logo 400Pinterest brings a great value for your SEO provided it is properly tailored for your business. This visual board relies on human interaction and can send a significant number of visitors to your website.

In this article we will focus on how to optimize your Pinterest account so it attracts the right crowd.



Optimize Images for Pinterest

The width of an image on Pinterest is 736 pixels. Anything wider than that will be resized. There is no limit on the vertical size, however if your image is too long there is a small chance your followers will scroll up again to like it or re-pin it.

Use good quality images for your website. When pinning original content, watermark it. The watermark can be your logo, your business name or your website URL. Then, even if the image gets re-pinned and the pin description is changed, your watermark will remain.

Videos can be pinned as well but, as of now, only YouTube videos are embedded and can be watched directly from Pinterest.

The Image File Name

Make sure to include your target keywords in the image file name. An image named "front yard landscaping.jpg" contains your keywords and has more value for search engines than "P1070034.jpg".

When importing an image to your website or blog, go to image attributes and fill out the image title field. The title is picked by Pinterest when someone pins from your site and it's used as the particular pin description. Most people don't change descriptions which gives you a huge advantage.

Install Pinterest Buttons onto Your Website

Add the "Follow me on Pinterest" button and the "Pin It" button to your website. Make is as easy as possible for your readers to pin from your website, which will ultimately bring you more traffic.

Verify Your Website for increased credibillity. If you're not sure how to do it, ask your webmaster for help. Once verified, your website URL appears on your Pinterest profile alongside with a red checkmark bringing your visitors' attention to it which, again, means more traffic for your website.

See Who’s Pinning from Your Website

Finding out what has been pinned from your website is very easy. The only thing you will need to do is to type the following link to your browser: 

Type your domain name without "www". For example: You will be able to see which images were pinned from your website, by whom and how many times they were re-pinned and liked.

To conclude this article I would like to share with you my own experience with Pinterest. I created my business Pinterest account in November of 2012 with zero followers. In less than three months I had reached 600 followers. Within those three months, my website traffic increased by 1,271% with 96% of this traffic coming from Pinterest. Without any doubt, Pinterest has proven to be very powerful social media tool.

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