Pinterest for Business: Starting on Pinterest

OE Pinterest Pin 300Many articles have been written about Pinterest being a powerful social media tool that can drive traffic to your own website by sharing your site's visual content. This post will show you the steps of creating your own Pinterest account and making it a successful one.




Create a Pinterest Account

Visit and sign up in one of the following ways:

    • Connect with your Facebook or Twitter account
    • Sign up for a personal Pinterest account with your email address (this option is for those who don’t have Facebook or Twitter account, or who do not wish to use them)
    • Create a business Pinterest account using your email address (as of now, there is no option to sign up for Pinterest account with your Facebook business page)

If you currently have a personal Pinterest account you can opt to convert it into a business one, or create separate Pinterest business account using your email address, as stated above.

Edit Your Profile Information

Go to account "Settings" to edit your "Profile Info". The profile information will be visible to the public and should be optimized for search engines. Use keywords in the "About" section and fill out the "Location" field, especially if you operate locally.

Create your Boards

A Pinterest "board" is a place where you store pictures, videos and other visual content that you are interested in and organize them by topic. There is no limit to the number of boards you can have on Pinterest, but having between twenty and thirty boards would be reasonable.

You can create a Pinterest board while in your account by clicking the "Add" button, or anytime you're re-pinning a pin or adding a new pin from a website.

Use your target keywords for the board names and their description. Your Pinterest boards will come up in the search when people type in those keywords. Pinners can choose to follow all of your boards or only the ones that interest them.

Follow To Be Followed

Start following people from areas of your own interests. There are many categories to choose from.

Search Pinterest for people (pinners) that are in the same field or have the same niche as you do. Following others, commenting, re-pinning and liking their pins increases your chances that you will be followed back.

Keep Your Pinterest Account Visually Pleasing

Pinterest is based on visual content. You can pin photographs, images, infographics and videos (as of now, only YouTube videos are embedded and can be watched directly from Pinterest).

As your pin boards grow, take some time to organize them. Choose the best picture for the board cover and rearrange the boards; so the most important and interesting ones are in the first two rows.

Don't leave your boards empty as it gives your profile an unfinished feel. As soon as you create a board, try to pin at least three to five pins there.

Promote Your Pinterest Account

    • Let your followers on other social media sites know that you created a Pinterest account.
    • Creating a group board and inviting others to pin to it is another great way to increase the number of followers.
    • Post meaningful comments in others' group boards. You might be invited to pin into those. You can always ask the creator of the group board to add you. Sharing your pins in those group boards will bring new followers to your own account.

Still not sure if Pinterest is for you? Follow the link to find out what type of business can benefit from Pinterest and how.

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