Organize Your Pinterest Boards to Attract Followers

Pinterest has proven to be a great social media platform where more and more companies promote their business. How do you make YOUR Pinterest boards stand out to attract more followers? Organize them to create neat, uncluttered and engaging place.

Pinterest Boards Order

Think of your ideal client when organizing your Pinterest boards. What do you want them to see first – your summer vacation plans, or your products and services. Just like on your resume the most important and interesting things should be on the top.

Once you have your clients' attention they will be interested in seeing more of your boards and pins, and will start following you on Pinterest. Use the 'Rearrange Boards' feature to change the order of your Pinterest boards. Don't forget to click 'Save Arrangement' once you are done. The newly rolled out version of Pinterest lets you drag and drop the boards as you need and the change is automatically saved.

OE Rearrange BoardsOE Save Arragement

If you are using Pinterest for your business and you don’t want to create another (personal) profile, take advantage of the Secret Boards to pin your most personal stuff onto.

Pinterest Boards' Covers

Every new picture that you pin onto your board becomes the board cover. Pinterest allows you to set the board cover by choosing one of the pictures from the particular board. Such a picture will stay on the cover of your board until you decide to change it. Pick a good quality picture that best describes the board.

OE Edit Board CoverOE Setting Board Cover 400

When setting the board cover, only a small part of the picture will be shown. Pay special attention to which part of the picture you're choosing. Pinterest sets it to a default position and you have to drag the picture to adjust it.

OE No CoverOE Yes Cover

Visit my Pinterest profile to see how I arranged the boards - Office Evolution.

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