Play the "Think Outside the Box" Game

Out-of-the-box Organizing is my most popular Pinterest board. It's always exciting to see how everyday products can be turned into something else. It is actually fun trying to come up with different ways certain things could be used; so why not to turn in into a game.

Find a couple of things that are cluttering your house or office, and gather your colleagues (or family if you work from home) for the "Think Outside the Box" game. Let everyone, either individually or in the groups, write down a list of ideas where and how those things could be used (the crazier, the better).

If no one finds a good use for them, well, then they are really clutter and should leave your space. Sorry for the sneaky way to have you de-clutter your home and office.

And here are some pictures to get you going:

OE Plate Holder 

A plate holder makes great mail centre.

(Photo credit: Better Homes and Gardens)

 OE File Drawer  

Who needs a file cabinet? Get two tension rods and utilize your drawer space.

(Photo credit: Split the Lark)

 OE File Office Supplies  

File your office supplies instead of piling them up in drawers or cabinets. Closet shelf dividers keep your supplies separated in categories.

(Photo credit: Alejandra TV)

 OE Ikea Trash Baskets  

Hang IKEA trash cans onto a wall to organize your current projects.

(Photo credit: Pig and Paint)

 OE Mason Jars

Mason jars always find a great use, here to organize your stationery.

(Photo credit: Houzz)

 OE Slinky

What a fun way to store pens and important business cards on your desk.

(Photo credit: Real Simple)

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