Guess What I Did on the New Year's Eve

We've been slowly renovating our house over the past couple of years. We do it ourselves (my hubby mostly, I have to admit); so things need to happen in stages and we often have temporary solutions in place. I love them though, because they help us figure out if the solutions will work permanently or not, and what we can do differently if they don't.

There is a space in our hallway which will be used as a family command centre ... after we repaint the hallway and replace the doors. We're planning to cover the space with a sheet of metal and paint it with chalkboard paint.

Door Calendar | by Office Evolution

On the last day of the year, I decided to create an over-sized calendar and hang it in this space. This calendar will corral all our family and my business activities - yes, ONE CALENDAR for everything. That's one of the temporary solutions and it already helped me figure out how the future command centre should look like.

  1. There is no way a whole year calendar will fit in that space (that's what I originally wanted)
  2. We will be able to have only 3 months at the time on this piece of wall and each month will need to be printed on a sheet of paper; so we can remove the month passed and add new month underneath
  3. I like the large windows for each day since they fit a lot of writing
  4. Recurring appointments and meetings will be written permanently
  5. If a meeting is booked tentatively, it'll be on a sticky note which we can moved around
  6. I have planned my business blog posts for the first half of the year and put each topic on a sticky note which, again, can be moved around if needed

What I wanted to say in this post is that you don't need to pressure yourself into finding the right solution on the first try. Sometimes it's good to make a low cost "prototype" and test it out before you start spending money on expensive tools, apps, and containers only to find out they don't work for you.

Have a Happy and Productive 2015!

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