5 of My Favourite ... Writing Supplies

This blog post kicks-off the "5 of My Favourite ..." series which I planned for 2015.

When I look around my office, the things I like probably the most are my writing supplies. I can still remember how excited I was as a child at the beginning of each school year when my parents bought me new pencils, watercolours, clay, and crayons ... have you ever smelled new pencil crayons? ... mmm

Here is my top 5 writing supplies that I carry with me most of the time:

Pilot Hi-Tecpoint Rollerball PenPilot Hi-Tecpoint Rollerball Pen
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I found this pen a couple years ago at Walmart and I still love it. It's a blue ink pen with pure liquid ink. It has a needlepoint tip that glides very smoothly. 



Sharpie Permanent Markers - Retractable

Sharpie® Retractable Markers
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Sharpies were always my favourite markers. I like to take these to the clients' on the job, because I don't have to worry about loosing the lid ... and look at the colours :) 



Sharpie Liquid Pen-Style HighlighterSharpie® Liquid Pen-Style Highlighters
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There are a couple of things that I really like about these highlighters - they don't smeare, they don't smell, and you can see how much ink you have left since the ink supply is visible. 



Staedler Wopex PencilsStaedler® Wopex Pencil
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These are the best pencils ever! They have soft grip and glide smoothly without smudging. At University we had to attend a couple of Civil Engineering classes and at that time there was no AutoCAD (oh, this makes me feel so old). We used Staedler ink pens for drawing blueprints and they were really good. Since then, I'm a big fan of Staedler products.


Staedler Retractable EraserStaedler® Retractable Eraser
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Another high quality Staedler products - retractable eraser. It has a push button to advance the eraser. It's Latex and PVC free and you can purchase refills once you run out.



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