Make the New Year's Resolutions Stick

Cup Of Coffee SquareNow when January is over, are you still keeping your New Year's resolutions or did the rush of your life pulled you back to the old tracks.

I have to admit I slid back. I promised to write more articles for my website and to be honest, this is my only third post this year. People say you have to be specific when setting your goals and I was! I said I would write one post each week. I was very specific, but probably not realistic.


The Truth is in the Coffee

My morning routine starts with getting the kids off to schools and then I go to grab a cup of coffee. I arrive at the coffee shop usually at the same time and I noticed I always see the same customers who most likely have the same morning routine as I do. I started thinking about how hard it would be to suddenly stop getting my coffee. I don't think I would be able to change my routine right away.

I would more likely succeeded if I started slowly. The first two weeks I wouldn't go to the coffee shop on Tuesdays. The following two weeks I wouldn't go on Tuesdays and Thursday and every two weeks after that I would add another day of the week. Taking it slowly and getting used to the new routine would help me to stick to it.

My New New Year's Resolution

... and that's what I will do for my website. I resolve to write one post for February (that's done now), one for March, and starting April, I will write two posts per month.

Do you also struggle with keeping your New Year's resolutions? Don't be too hard on yourself. Don't make any rapid changes. Start small, add slowly, and you will create habits that last.


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