Alarm Clock - The Best Productivity Tool

Alarm Clock - The Best Productivity ToolEveryone with a smartphone has got this tool in their pocket (or a purse) - an alarm clock.

Use the phone's alarm clock to make your productivity rock.






Beat Procrastination

Beat procrastination by working in 25-minute intervals. You've probably heard about a time management method called Pomodoro Technique. The principle of this technique is to work in focused intervals with short breaks in between. Any distraction, or an idea, that pops into your head is to be recorded; so you can continue working on a task at hand.

End Your Workday Without Stress

Set your alarm to go off 15 minutes before the end of your work day. When it does, finish the task at hand and tidy up your workspace. Knowing your alarm clock is set will allow you to focus on your work. You won't keep checking your watch to make sure you're not late leaving the office.

15 minutes gives you enough time to complete the task at hand, or at least to save your work, in case you will work on the task the next day. Also, use a couple of minutes to tidy up your workspace. Starting a day with a clean slate desk will boost your productivity.


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