Why and How to Write Operating Procedures

hy and How to Write Operating Procedures | by Office EvolutionIs your business growing? Are you getting busy and feeling that many of the mundane business tasks are not getting done? Then it's time look at your business processes, standardize them, and delegate them to someone else.

Let's look at other reasons why to have your processes documented and how to do it.




Three Reasons to Write Operating Procedures

1. Minimize Errors

There is no reason to have a procedure for every single thing you do in your business. Focus on the processes and tasks where making an error could cost you a client or reputation.

2. Stop Reinventing the Wheel

Write operating procedures for repetitive tasks that are either too complicated or you don't do them that often (less than once a month, once per quarter, or once a year).

3. Delegate Tasks

Are there things you don't enjoy doing? For example invoicing, booking travel, or managing your contacts and your calendar. Write the steps for each of the tasks and delegate it to someone else in your company or hire a virtual assistant.

How to Write Operating Procedures

The best time to write the operating procedure is when you are doing the task. Grab a notepad and write down each step as you're doing it.

Type up the procedure and have someone else follow the steps. That's the best way to test it and discover if any steps are missing or if they are unclear.

Download Your Operating Procedure Template

We know how hard it is to start. To make the procedure writing as easy as possible, we prepared an Operating Procedure Template for you that you can customize with your company logo. Click the link below to download it for free.



If you feel stuck, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We'll be happy to help.

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