3 Pillars of Productivity

3 Pillars of ProductivityThere are three pillars you need to put in place to increase your productivity.  They are Organization, Habits, and Systems.


How does your office space look?  Is it tidy, in order, or are documents scattered all over your desk?  What about the digital space?  Your computer and cell phone?

Organize your physical and digital space, and you will instantly boost your productivity.  Less time spent looking for important documents, less effort to file stuff away.

Habits / Routines

Habits are important to maintain the organization.  Set up regular times to bring order back to your office.  Clean up your desk at the end of the day, process your receipts on a weekly or monthly basis, review your file categories once a year.


Systems are the core of your business.  Are there repetitive tasks for which you can write procedure, or at least a checklist?  Having checklists and standard operating procedures in place will help you run your business smoothly and more efficiently.

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